Unreleased Unholy Items
yKKMRA7.png kshtKqx.png EaC7VAH.png
Unholy Cloak Unholy Prism Unholy Shield

Staff Sets
Name Class Skin Designed For Components Overall Stat Bonus
The Holy Guardian Warrior zCvvxiw.png Sottler/MrSott djiAJTl.png WXVh3Ke.png
CNvicAN.png xo1Ep64.png
+80 HP
+80 MP
+8 ATT
+38 DEF
+14 DEX
+5 VIT
The Winter Queen Huntress 4HzMtQw.png Winter q5T8rZi.png RWtY27L.png
boERPLz.png iZHlWoh.png
+30 HP
+50 MP
+6 ATT
+16 DEF
+8 SPD
+12 DEX
The Grim Reaper Rogue 2LqWUup.png Cyeclops Y3BGpcT.png Z5COaaZ.png
TdAii0M.png nlNJPFh.png
+90 HP
+90 MP
+8 ATT
+20 DEF
+12 SPD
+16 DEX
+5 VIT
The Dark Knight Knight VviUT13.png Q TEjRuFe.png dyhOwDn.png
3O6rFFg.png AxJztg2.png
+155 HP
+95 MP
+4 ATT
+40 DEF
+11 DEX
+5 VIT
The Thorny Dragon Knight DOySTCy.png Moloch CDKWZkS.png NSXuGsk.png
4idbfgA.png mL6JHJ1.png
+240 HP
+50 MP
+4 ATT
+25 DEF
+9 DEX
+5 VIT

Other Unreleased Items
EUIncTL.png NL8UtnE.png 39Ow8dT.png k5NyNzj.png oie_transparent_4.png y7jWiU3.png
Vorpal Sword Wild Shadow Gun Dark Helm Darkness Santa's Hat Effusion Of Xmas

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